How much do you know about car foot mat cutting machine

Industry perspective

  With the continuous growth of car sales, the consumption of the surrounding market of automotive supplies also continues to increase, of which car interiors are a typical example, such as our common car floor mats, trunk mats, leather seat covers, light-proof mats and other supplies. They are all necessary consumer goods for car owners, among which car floor mats are an indispensable decoration!

car floor mats

  The appearance of car foot mats can maintain the sanitation in the car, help to reduce chassis noise and tire noise, and improve the comfort in the car. Therefore, many car owners will buy car mats that match their models, so individual needs There are more. If manual cutting is used as before, to deal with such a huge demand market, manual cutting factories are made, and it is far from being able to keep up with the demand. Therefore, there is a car floor mat cutting machine for your Processing plants improve many competitive advantages.

car foot mat cutting machine

  The car foot mat cutting machine uses a blade to cut the material, which can perform special-shaped, straight punching and other work, intelligent automatic operation, only need to input the cutting shape, it can automatically cut, automatically cut, safe and environmentally friendly. This cutting equipment can not only cut floor mat materials, but also cut various interior materials such as light-shielding cushions, seat covers, seat cushions, etc., and provide real-time updates of more than 98% of the automotive interior data on the market.

  The car floor mat cutting machine is cut according to the high-speed vibration of the cutter head. The edges of the cut material are neat and tidy without burrs, and there is no burning smell, so it is relatively more environmentally friendly; the vibrating knife cutting machine can cut Various non-metallic flexible materials, in addition to various materials for automotive interiors, can also cut clothing fabrics, carpet floor mats, composite materials, sound insulation materials and other industrial materials.

Applicable industries

  The appearance of the car foot mat cutting machine can meet the needs of large-scale small orders and individualization in the market, and the computer control is relatively stable, and the imported accessories have high precision. The operator only needs simple training to complete the cutting work in the whole process. Efficient work efficiency is equivalent to 3-5 workers cutting speed.

  AOL intelligent blade cutting machine has high precision and high efficiency. Our professional after-sales service can provide automatic cutting solutions for various industries.

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