Digital fabric cutter machine

Industry perspective

  In the era of hand-cutting fabrics, how to cut neat fabrics is always a hot topic, and how to cut fabrics with various special-shaped patterns is also a difficulty that everyone wants to overcome. Cutting a straight line is fine, only a ruler and a knife can be cut smoothly with some skills, while cutting some special-shaped patterns takes a lot of time and is not neat. Today, with the current level of technology, cutting cloth is already a very easy task. The emergence of digital cloth cutting machines has solved all the problems that have appeared in the past.

digital fabric cutter machine

  The biggest highlight of the digital cloth cutting machine is the automatic loading and unloading device, and the function of super nesting. The automatic feeding device can customize different unwinding devices according to different coils, so there is no need to worry about different coils, resulting in mismatches, and it can ensure smooth and supple material cutting during the coil conveying process. The super marker function can get a satisfactory marker map in just a few seconds, completely liberating the marker maker from the original boring manual marker. Greatly reduces the time wasted by manual drawing and layout.

Clothing cutting finished product

How does the digital fabric cutting machine work?

  Start the digital fabric cutting machine, open the super nesting software, the automatic feeding rack starts to work, the belt transportation is completed and the paving is completed, and the computer drawing is transmitted to the machine control card after internal data processing. The driver drives the servo motor to move to achieve the movement of the machine, and at the same time sends a signal to the cutting tool to cut the raw material.

Advantages of digital fabric cutting machine:

1. Computer control, easy to operate. Automatic typesetting saves raw materials

2.2. Sturdy structure and reliable cutter head movement can achieve high productivity and high quality cutting.

3. High cutting precision, realizing efficient and accurate nest cutting of large-format pictures.

4. High degree of automation and simple operation.

5. The vibrating blade is used for cutting, which is more environmentally friendly than laser cutting.

Applicable industrial fabrics:

Applicable fabrics: cotton, linen, silk, blended, fiber, leather, wool, etc.

Applicable industries: clothing, automotive interiors, home furnishing, luggage, shoes and hats, home textiles, outdoor tents, composite materials, carpet floor mats and other flexible material industries.

Applicable industries

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