A plush toy fabric cutting equipment

Industry perspective

  Plush toys are suitable for a wide range of people, whether they are given to children or to decorate houses, they are good gifts. The main materials of plush toys can be divided into: shearing cloth, plush cloth, honey velvet, edge cloth, and other materials. In terms of processing, it needs to go through: cutting, sewing and other processes. Today, I will introduce to you this plush toy fabric automatic cutting machine, which can bring more advantages in plush toy processing, such as more convenient and quicker, higher cutting precision, etc., and enhance your competitiveness in the market!

plush toy

  Reasonable design and typesetting are the main factors that can reduce the processing cost. In the traditional method of manual cutting, not only the precision of cutting cannot be guaranteed, but also the loss of materials and labor costs are high, which makes the processing cost remain high. Therefore, many manufacturers are constantly looking for automated equipment to solve this type of problem, of which the laser machine is one of them. It uses a high-temperature beam to cut the material, which is indeed improved in efficiency. However, because most of the plush toys are mainly made of fabric, the edge of the fabric will be scorched when laser cutting is used, and smoke will be generated at the same time, which is incompatible with odor. Conducive to environmental protection.

  To solve this problem. AOL Plush Toy Fabric CNC Vibrating Knife Cutting Machine has developed and produced a vibrating knife plush toy automatic cutting machine that uses a blade to cut fabrics. No need for molds, support direct input of various files, save a lot of time and save mold costs, have super typesetting software, realize computer intelligent typesetting, tested by many manufacturers, computer intelligent typesetting can save more than 10% of materials compared to manual typesetting, with automatic feeding , Automatic correction device, which can realize automatic cutting. The universal tool holder can be arbitrarily combined with tools such as vibrating knife, round knife, drag knife, bevel knife, etc., to realize quick and convenient tool replacement for different materials.

Plush Toy Fabric Cutting Machine

 AOL intelligent blade cutting machine has high precision and high efficiency. Our professional after-sales service can provide automatic cutting solutions for various industries.

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