Operation Tips for Plush Vibrating Knife CNC Cutting Machine / Round Knife Cutting Machine!

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  For fluffy fabrics such as plush, coral fleece and polar fleece, there are a lot of extra precautions in the cutting process, because only by mastering some plush round knife cutting machine operation skills can you ensure the desired product effect, So follow the steps of the editor to continue to understand and learn some tips about the operation and use of the plush round knife cutting machine!


  The question we need to understand first is why the cutting of plush fabrics requires special attention. This is actually because this kind of wool material will shed hair during the cutting process, and incorrect cutting and cutting operations will not only make the fabric appear The more serious problem of hair loss, and it will make the overall fluff of the fabric abnormal, which will greatly reduce the effect of the entire product. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the cutting and cutting of fluffy fabrics. The vibrating knife cutting machine is very conducive to the cutting and cutting of fluffy fabrics in terms of basic mechanical structure, so as long as you pay attention to some details, you can get good cutting results.

Plush Oscillating Knife Cutting Machine

  The most important point is that before using the plush round knife cutting machine, the fabric needs to be reversed and smoothed, and then the back of the fabric is selected for cutting. In addition, you can also pay attention to tilting the knife edge at a certain angle during the cutting process, so that It can effectively avoid the random flying of cutting fluff, and also make the cutting and processing of materials more accurate and efficient. As long as a little attention and application are made, the benefits of the operating skills of the plush round knife cutting machine can be brought into full play.

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