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  Automatic fabric cutting machines speed up the cutting process for sewing and craft projects by cutting fabrics to precise sizes and shapes. However, to get the most out of your cutting machine, you need to program it properly to cut the designs you want and maintain its peak performance. This article will walk you through how to program an automated fabric cutter and keep it running well from project to project.

Automatic Cloth Cutting Machine

How to program cutting for your automatic cloth cutting machine?

  The first step in programming an automated fabric cutting machine is to make sure your fabric is firmly attached to the cutting mat. You can then set up your cropped design. There are two ways to make selections:

  Import cut files. If you have a cutting file from design software, you can import it into the cutting machine software and send it directly to the cutting machine. The cutter will cut along the outline in the design file. This is handy if you have experience with design software or are working with other people's files.

  Create your own cut files. You can edit your own cutting files using basic shapes and features built into the cutting machine or in the included design software. Add rectangles, circles, lines, and custom shapes as needed to create cutout outlines for your projects. Then send your custom file to a cutting machine to cut your design.

  Once the cutting files are ready, you will select your fabric type's blade type, depth, and cutting pressure. Delicate fabrics may require a shallower blade depth and slower speed than thicker fabrics. Test the scrap settings first to ensure the cut is clean and accurate. If your cutting machine offers cut preview or sorting features, take advantage of these to maximize cutting efficiency. Then you can load your cutting mat and fabric and start cutting!

What are some common mistakes to avoid when using an automatic fabric cutting machine?

1. Not properly securing the fabric to the cutting mat. The fabric must be held securely in place or it will move during the cutting process and cause inaccurate cuts.

2. Do not adjust blade depth and pressure for your fabric type. Incorrect settings can result in poor cut quality, damaged blades and wasted fabric. Test the setup on a scrap cloth first.

3. Cuts cannot be efficiently sorted. If your cutting machine allows cutting sequences, you'll want to schedule your cuts to minimize fabric movement and cutting time. Poor sequencing reduces productivity.

4. Does not estimate fabric grain direction. For some fabrics, the direction of the cut relative to the grain is important. Estimate the grain direction and properly align the fabric on the mat for the best cut.

5. Not paying attention to clip previews. Check the preview to make sure the crop is accurate and as expected. Solve any problems before starting the actual cutting.

6. The cutter is not properly maintained and cleaned. Dull blades and buildup on cutting mats and machines can reduce cut quality and performance. Keep your cutting machine in good working order by following the recommended maintenance and cleaning.

How to maintain your automatic cloth cutting machine?

  To keep your cutting machine running well and cutting accurately, observe regular maintenance. After cutting your project a few times, wipe down the outside of the cutter and clean the cutting mat as recommended in the product instructions.

  Check and replace cutting blades for dull or damaged ones. Dull blades can lead to poor cut quality, wasted fabric, and damaged cutting mats, so it's important to replace them regularly based on your usage.

  Once a month, lubricate any moving parts of the cutter as directed in the product instructions. An annual professional service is also usually recommended to inspect and maintain the knives and resolve any performance issues.

  Following a maintenance schedule of cleaning, blade replacement, and lubrication, using high-quality blades and tools, and programming and cutting properly will help your automatic fabric cutter last longer and perform as intended.

  Overall, automated cloth cutters are invaluable tools for the fashion industry. Their ability to quickly and accurately cut fabrics to precise shapes and sizes has made them invaluable in the production of clothing and other textile products. They are also capable of cutting multiple layers of fabric at once, making them ideal for mass production.

  After reading this, I believe you are very interested in our machines. If you have any other questions, you can contact us by email or whatsapp, and we will give you detailed answers as soon as possible!


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