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Industry perspective

  Leather is a common material in our daily lives. China is a major producer and consumer of leather, and leather products cover almost every aspect of our lives, including handbags, shoes, leather clothing, sofas, car seats, etc It can be said that it can be seen everywhere.

  With the continuous upgrading of social consumption, humans are no longer satisfied with just plain leather products. Traditional leather making processes face various complex patterns and patterns, making it difficult to meet the increasingly personalized needs.


  The traditional leather processing method is not only time-consuming, labor-intensive, but also of poor quality. Laser cutting, as a new leather processing method, once dominated the leather processing market. However, laser cutting is a thermal cutting method that has mature performance and low price. However, with the strict requirements of the country for environmental protection, laser cutting of leather is prone to produce smoke, odor, material burning, etc., which does not meet environmental requirements.

  Faced with the drawbacks of the above processing methods, the emergence of leather vibration knife cutting machines has brought a new dawn to the leather processing industry. The leather vibration knife cutting machine not only cuts exquisitely, without sticking or burning edges, and has fast efficiency, but also can cut various shapes, making it convenient and fast. The leather vibration knife cutting machine has an unparalleled effect compared to ordinary cutting processes, especially in the material processing technology, solving many key problems.

  Jinan AOL CNC Equipment Co., Ltd., from a market perspective, has repeatedly tested and broken through various technical difficulties. It has launched a new leather vibration knife cutting machine, which has achieved significant breakthroughs in product forming technology.

Brand: AOL leather CNC cutting machine

Model: AOL-1625

Product features: No need for mold opening, the cutting process only requires one person to operate, high-precision cutting, environmentally friendly and pollution-free.

Application scope: shoe making industry, clothing industry, composite materials, luggage industry, automotive industry, advertising and printing industry, electronics industry, decoration industry, home furnishing industry, etc.

To meet the processing requirements of large format cutting and cutting, we have adopted a machine tool level stable and solid working chassis to ensure stability and accuracy during rapid movement. The motion system adopts linear guide rail guidance and precision gear and rack transmission to ensure processing accuracy. We also use a specially treated partition vacuum adsorption working platform for easy operation. For industrial sites, automatic transmission systems can be added to save time, costs, and improve work efficiency.

【High speed】: Unique intelligent prediction algorithm and improved control algorithm, achieving high-speed machining, smooth cutting without flash, automatic closing, and no deformation.

【 High efficiency 】: No need for knife molds or die-cutting machines, which can save a lot of manpower, knife molds, and die-cutting machine costs.

【 Cost saving 】: Completely replaces manual design, sampling, and cutting processes, helping you save a lot of labor, mold, and material loss costs.

【Practical Type】: One machine with multiple functions, capable of simultaneously making templates and cutting templates; Meet the business needs of various customers for small batches, multiple orders, multiple styles, and short delivery times, achieve "fast, accurate, good, and economical", and make the products more scientific, reasonable, standardized, and standardized.

Machine display

  That's all for today. If you want to learn more, please contact us and we will provide you with detailed answers as soon as possible!

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