PVC soft glass cutting machine to promote the digital transformation of enterprises

Industry perspective

Soft glass, also known as PVC transparent glass, is a transparent and soft PVC material, which is commonly used in tablecloth, door curtain, supporting protection, etc. PVC soft glass cutting machine adopts blade cutting, which will not produce smoke and peculiar smell. It has high cutting precision and good effect.



  In the current economy, with slow economic growth, enterprises begin to slowly cultivate their internal skills and do fine production management. Manual cutting is a very large variable in the production process. Therefore, digital transformation is the common vision of enterprises. The vibrating knife cutting machine adopts integrated cutting equipment, automatic material typesetting, intelligent calculation of material utilization, saving more than 15% of materials compared with manual work, and realizing controllable production at the same time.

Advantages of vibrating knife cutting machine: the vibrating knife cutting machine adopts intelligent blade cutting, which integrates feeding, chamfering, cutting and blanking, greatly liberates labor, and saves more than ten or even millions of labor costs every year.




  In addition to saving a lot of labor costs every year, the soft glass cutting machine also has the characteristics of material saving, high cutting efficiency and good cutting effect. It has a one key typesetting system. Compared with manual typesetting, it saves more than 15% of materials and has high cutting efficiency. The equipment adopts imported brushless servo motor with a running speed of up to 2000mm / s. In addition to its advantages of fully automatic cutting process, the soft glass cutting machine can replace 4-6 workers. In terms of cutting effect, there will be no sawtooth or rough surface. The chamfer slope also supports automatic adjustment, and supports angles of 15 °, 25 ° and 45 °.

The soft glass automatic cutting machine has promoted the transformation of production to digitization. At this stage of the economy, it helps enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency, improve the competitiveness of enterprises from the root, help enterprises improve profit space and reduce labor problems.

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