Printing carpet cutting machine to promote the digital transformation of enterprises

Industry perspective

  There are more and more patterns of carpets, such as PVC carpets, advertising carpets, printed carpets, block carpets, etc. Different carpets use different cutting processes. Therefore, sometimes cutting will waste a lot of materials, resulting in the increase of production cost. The vibrating knife cutting machine can make up for the shortcomings of labor and realize full-automatic cutting.



  The vibrating knife carpet cutting machine supports all kinds of carpet cutting with thickness less than 3cm. It has the characteristics of high cutting precision, good cutting effect and smokeless and tasteless cutting. The vibrating knife cutting machine is also a powerful measure to help enterprises determine production costs.

Under the new economy, enterprises are facing difficulties in transformation. Many enterprises have high production costs, which stem from the uncertainty of labor and material costs. What we need to do is to find these uncertainties. How to find these uncertainties, digital transformation is essential. Production can be controlled, growth can be controlled, and product quality can be controlled at the same time.




 The vibrating knife carpet cutting machine adopts computer data cutting and supports automatic printing identification. There is no manual operation from feeding to blanking, which can replace 4-6 manual workers. The printing identification system integrates feeding, photographing, identification, typesetting and cutting. There is no need for manual paving, and the automatic cutting efficiency is controllable. One equipment is about 3-4 months' salary for four cutting workers, that is, the cost of one equipment is recovered in about half a year, And please avoid uncontrollable factors caused by manual cutting.

Vibrating knife carpet cutting machine promotes the digital transformation of enterprises, helps enterprises reduce production costs, enables enterprises to have more profits to innovate and grow, and realizes a good cycle from cost reduction to efficiency increase.

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