Where is the automatic cutting machine for clothing fabrics better than manual cutting?

Industry perspective

  Clothing fabrics include leather, linen, woolen, silk and other types. Each fabric has its own characteristics, so there are different methods when cutting. For fabric processing plants, it is common to batch process fabrics of different materials and types. There are many problems in cutting, such as It is said that the manual cutting is inaccurate, the efficiency is slow, and the material is wasted. Being able to solve this series of problems can save a lot of money for manufacturers, and the automatic clothing fabric cutting machine can do it.

clothing fabric cutting machine

  The automatic garment fabric cutting machine adopts a welded integrated body, and the equipment weighs 1.5 tons. All important parts are CNC precision machined to ensure that the equipment can be more stable during operation and have a longer service life. The multifunctional knife holder can be equipped with vibrating knife, bevel knife, drag knife, creasing knife, round knife and other knives to cut different fabrics. The imported servo motor is used to drive the screw control mode, and it can be linked with the computer to preset the depth and pressure of the knife according to different needs.

  The equipment is equipped with a high-definition CCD camera and automatic boundary recognition function, which can realize automatic positioning and sleeve cutting of various materials, quickly and accurately cut various complex special-shaped graphics, and eliminate problems such as inaccurate manual positioning and printing deformation. With the automatic transmission function, it can achieve efficient and accurate nest cutting of large-format pictures, and improve the cutting quality and output.

Compared with manual cutting, the clothing fabric automatic cutting machine has the following advantages:

1. No manual drawing board is needed, just import the clothing data into the system to cut, saving a lot of drawing board time

2. Intelligent typesetting and layout system, saving materials to the greatest extent, cutting with high precision, zero error, saving more than 10% on average compared to manual labor

3. In terms of cutting speed, one machine can replace about 3-5 workers and can work continuously for 24 hours

4. The operation is simple, the technical requirements for workers are low, and it is much easier to recruit workers. After a worker is skilled, he can operate multiple machines at the same time, reducing a lot of labor costs.

5. The blade cutting is used, which is environmentally friendly, smokeless, tasteless, fast, and can meet more requirements than the laser cutting machine.

Comparison chart

Features of clothing fabric automatic cutting machine:

1. Overcut optimization function: The self-developed CAM software is used to systematically optimize the physical overcut phenomenon of the tool, restore the graphic outline to the greatest extent, and bring customers the perfect cutting effect.

2. Intelligent table compensation function: The flatness of the table is detected by a high-precision distance detector, and the plane is corrected in real time through the software to ensure high-quality cutting results.

3. Front and back cover cutting function: Combined with the table detection function to realize the intelligent front and back graphic cover cutting function.

4. Vacuum adsorption function: super strong wind, strong suction, the size of the vacuum adsorption area can be selected, and the power consumption can be greatly reduced

Features of garment fabric automatic cutting machine

  Through the above introduction, you can clearly see the difference between manual cutting and the use of clothing cutting equipment, and also fully understand the advantages of automatic clothing fabric cutting machines. If you are engaged in the clothing industry or are planning to engage in this industry, If you want to know more comprehensive content, you can contact us!


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