Mat cutting machine, how to choose a mat cutting machine

Industry perspective

  The choice of foot pad cutting machine should first consider which type of car foot pad the factory mainly produces. At present, the mainstream floor mats on the market mainly include: Silk circle floor mats, large surrounding floor mats, ordinary plastic floor mats and some silicone floor mats. At present, the equipment for automobile interior cutting includes vibrating knife cutting machine, rotary knife cutting machine and laser cutting machine.




  1. The production of automobile footrest, trunk cushion and vehicle storage box all need product samples, and the equipment is mainly blade cutting machine. It is recommended to use vibrating knife cutting machine. If the production of automobile cushion is not considered, rotary knife cutting machine equipment can also be selected)

2. At the beginning of the construction of a small automobile foot pad factory, what arrangements should be made in addition to the necessary hardware facilities?

On the road of starting a business, Aolei suggests having a customer group first and starting a business. If you find customers after starting a business, the probability of failure is much greater than having customers first and then starting a business. Therefore, the enterprise also needs to have cash flow for at least 6 months to ensure that the enterprise can deal with various crises.

3. What kind of raw materials and auxiliary materials are needed?

Conventional raw materials mainly include PVC, sponge, XPE, etc. auxiliary materials mainly include sewing thread, signs, packaging materials, etc. other materials mainly depend on what type of products you need to produce.

4. What is the investment amount of car mat cutting machine?

If you want the factory to operate, the cutting machine is indispensable. The cutting price ranges from 50000 to 150000. 30000-50000 other supporting equipment can buy good machines. Xiaobian believes that 300000-500000 can set up a small workshop in the small and medium-sized automobile interior industry.




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