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Advertising cutting machine Packaging industry cutting machine Leather cutting machine Garment cutting machine Gasket cutting machine Carpet cutting machine Composite material cutting machine Furniture cutting machine Sporting goods cutting machine Cutting Plotter Sound-absorbing cotton cutting machine Medical materials cutting machine

Advertising cutting machine

AOL digital paper cutter can cut and sand almost any advertising material
It has a high-precision CCD positioning function
which makes paper cutting faster, more stable and more accurate
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Advertising cutting machine

AOL digital paper cutter can cut and sand almost any advertising material
It has a high-precision CCD positioning function
which makes paper cutting faster, more stable and more accurate
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Packaging industry cutting machine

Packaging cutting machine solve the error of manual cutting to increase production
Solve the difficult of shape cutting, improve efficiency
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Leather cutting machine

Intelligent super nesting engine, automatically identify contours and defects
Support single-layer and multi-layer cutting with smooth and neat cutting surface without hurting the leather
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Garment cutting machine

Garment intelligent cutting machine
Diversified design to meet various cutting needs of customers
Computer intelligent data typesetting can save more than 15% of raw materials
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Gasket cutting machine

Multi-tool combination cutting, computer motion control
Diversification, to meet the cutting needs of customers, to maximize the practical performance of the equipment.
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Carpet cutting machine

Carpet cutting machine without mold, with super nesting software, saving 10% of material
Cutting error <0.1mm,cutting edge is neat, and the efficiency is 3-5 times higher than that of manual cutting
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Composite material cutting machine

AOL fully automatic composite cutting machines are designed for your mass production cutting needs
Cutting with a blade cutter, versatile and suitable for cutting a variety of flexible materials
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Furniture cutting machine

Sofa cutting machine can provide a variety of personalized custom style design
With a partitioned adsorption platform, three adsorption methods can be selected, which can flexibly meet the cutting needs of customers
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Sporting goods cutting machine

AOL Sporting Goods Cutting Machine
Capable of cutting flexible materials for apparel and equipment for skiing, rock climbing, tennis, cycling, boating, water sports, and more
It is a device that can cut a variety of materials and increase the added value of enterprises
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Cutting Plotter

Flatbed Cutting Plotter automatic intelligent cutting system adopts fully automatic vacuum chuck and automatic lifting and feeding platform.
Widely used in packaging and signs, including, paper, board, sticker, vinyl and so on. It is the key equipment for small volume production and sample making.
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Sound-absorbing cotton cutting machine

The sound-absorbing cotton cutting machine detects the flatness of the table top through a high-precision distance detector.
The plane is corrected in real time through the software to achieve the perfect cutting effect.
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Medical materials cutting machine

The medical material cutting machine will always accurately cut any single layer, low layer and high layer cutting jobs
It can be used to cut almost any fabric such as protective clothing, rubber gloves, non-woven bed sheets, etc. Provides maximum flexibility.
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SINCE 2010

Technology is established, quality is supreme
12 year
Company production experience
3000 +
Company manufacturing capacity
28000 +
Served customers
Area of production base
Based on its own industry, AOL CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. lays out the industrial chain of intelligent cutting equipment, and strives to provide customers with the ultimate enterprise value-added services. In the era of Industry 4.0, AOL is committed to providing production solutions for non-metallic cutting, helping China's "smart" manufacturing to make the world proud!
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AOL has been working for 12 years focusing
on cutting solutions for various materials

the choice of customers in various industries

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