Digital cutting machine for making medical gowns/isolation gowns/protective gowns

Industry perspective

  The global PPE kits market was valued at USD 52.2 billion in 2019 and the personal protective equipment market is expected to reach USD 92.5 billion by 2025, at a five-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.7%. Moreover, rising campaigns by NGOs and governments to create awareness about PPE kits to reduce employee injury rates is one of the potential factors driving the economic growth of the Personal Protective Equipment market (Personal Protective Equipment). With the opening of the current policy, strengthening personal protection and medical protection has become the most important step.

  Considering government policies, industrial owners have taken significant steps to protect their workers by providing their employees with equipment that reduces any risk of fatal injuries. Additionally, the rise in sales of personal protective equipment across the globe can also be attributed to the awareness of employees who are now requesting the kit from their employers before they join/start work.

Protective Clothing Fabric

  The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic that has emerged in recent years has also become one of the key factors for the increased demand for personal protective equipment globally. Therefore, change the scenario of this market for a better future. The demand is high, and nearly everyone needs to use PPE on a regular basis to protect them from infection. At the same time, the demand for protective clothing/medical clothing in medical treatment has also increased.

  The number of manufacturers has also increased substantially. In addition, the World Health Organization asked others to step up the process, and also increased the production statistics of personal protective equipment.

  Leading pharmaceutical companies are operating in this new field. Therefore, it is not surprising that by 2025, the pharmaceutical manufacturing sector will lead in terms of revenue generation from the manufacture and distribution of personal protective equipment.

Protective Clothing Cutting Machine

How a digital cutter makes a PPE kit:

  Although many industrialists and manufacturers are familiar with digital cutting machines and their various applications in different cutting industries. However, for the medical industry, those who are unaware of the machine's ability to cut non-woven materials are taken by surprise.

  The CNC digital cutting system is designed for precision cutting with head-mounted multi-tool cutting blades, oscillating knife cutting blades, pneumatic knives, half cuts and pinch wheels to help cut square corners with precision. With these capabilities, the machine is capable of cutting soft materials such as fabric, carpet with roll feed rack, printable vinyl banners, leather, large compressed foam boards, corrugated plastic boards, sandblasted rubber templates and more.

  Based on the current situation, it is safe to say that only one digital cutting machine has the capacity to process millions of disposable non-woven PPE kits in a shorter time.

  Additionally, many companies/manufacturers have demonstrated the dexterity of their machines to cut and produce PPE kit designs at a rate of thousands of sheets per hour. The machine boasts a technology that uses a digital cutter to cut low-cost materials at high rates. So, when used to an optimal level, this machine has the potential to meet the needs of a doctor or nurse for a mask or PPE kit, even though they will replace it every time they deal with a new patient.

  Digital cutting machines have facilitated the mass production of PPE kits, increasing the output of PPE kits by increasing the cutting rate of non-woven materials as the world continues to grapple with the situation.

Common types of protective clothing:

  The most important part of your PPE kit is the gown. These protective suits are made of non-woven material and act as a protective shield for the body against viruses and their contaminated areas. However, few people realize that each gown serves a different purpose.

medical clothing

Elastic/knitted cuffs/laminated PE isolation gown

  This spunbond polypropylene protective suit is made from 100% non-woven material and provides protection from fluids by sealing the surface. The gown's skin-friendly formula ensures a secure fit, while being non-toxic to the skin and comfortable to wear.

This type of gown is suitable for uses that require comfort and protection of the user's clothing, such as:

1. Dental Clinic

2. Food processing units

3. Science Lab

Ultrasonic SMS isolation gown:

  The 100% non-woven, non-toxic, odor-free and non-irritating gown is made with SMS ultrasonic welding process for a leak-proof and impermeable secure fit. This gown is best suited for food processing units and dental offices.

  However, with the help of digital cutters, people can increase the rate at which PPE kits are produced, helping their home country while hopefully supporting others. To help out in this situation, AOL CNC is also working hard to produce as many PPE kits as possible with their digital cutters and is determined to use their machines to help others. So contact us to find out more about our digital cutting machines for PPE kit production.

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