Advantages of vibrating knife cutting machine compared with manual cutting

Industry perspective

  The vibrating knife cutting machine adopts computer data cutting, which is the best equipment to replace manual work at present. The equipment integrates tools such as feeding, cutting, punching, edge finding cutting and blanking, which can replace 4-6 manual workers.




  Advantages of vibrating knife cutting machine compared with manual cutting machine:

1. Strong controllability, the equipment adopts data cutting, automatically calculates the material use area and cutting speed, and ensures the efficiency compared with manual work.

2. High cutting accuracy. The equipment uses pulse positioning system, with positioning accuracy of ± 0.01mm and extremely high cutting accuracy.

3. Because it is cut by equipment, the cutting effect is better than manual cutting, and the edge is free of sawtooth and burr.

4. Material saving. The equipment adopts data intelligent typesetting. Compared with manual cutting, the material saving is more than 15%.




 Main advantages of Oram vibrating knife cutting machine:

1. Multiple replaceable cutter heads can be replaced at will, which is convenient and more practical;

2. The cutting depth can be adjusted at will, which can be used to cut a variety of materials;

3. The vibrating knife cutting machine is equipped with automatic feeding, which is more intelligent and improves work efficiency;

4. Software intelligent control, which can fill and load more new proofing templates to adapt to the development trend;

5. Different cutting materials, such as glass fiber and composite materials, which can meet the needs of different industries

High frequency vibrating knife technology effectively solves the disadvantages of time-consuming and laborious manual cutting and low efficiency, and makes the processing of products more standardized and accurate;

The vibrating knife cutting machine replaces the traditional manual cutting, greatly shortens the corresponding production time, and better meets the production purpose of less batch, more orders and more styles. While improving the accuracy, the vibrating knife cutting machine also effectively avoids the problems such as coke, smoke and peculiar smell of the laser cutting machine. It is definitely the first choice for building a data-based and intelligent enterprise.

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