Vibrating knife garment cutting machine to improve enterprise production efficiency

Industry perspective

  Intelligent garment cutting machine is an automatic cutting equipment used in textile and garment industry, which is suitable for all kinds of flexible materials. Do you really know how the intelligent garment cutting machine improves the cutting efficiency?

Garment cloth cutting process:

The cutting part starts to arrange production according to the garment production order. First of all, the cutting bed scheme for material layout shall be calculated. Secondly, the typesetter shall carry out manual or intelligent material layout according to the cutting bed scheme and the material layout of each bed, and then carry out cloth drawing and laying according to the cutting bed scheme and the material layout of each bed. After the cloth laying is completed, the cutting personnel use the craft or computer automatic cutting machine to cut.




  With the continuous development of the times and the rise of garment CAD super layout system, garment enterprises pay more and more attention to the fabric utilization of single-layer layout. Although the CAD layout system plays a certain role in saving cotton, garment enterprises also ignore the optimization of cutting scheme and paving operation. Scientific and rapid layout can more reasonably solve the problem of fabric utilization.

The R & D and application of automatic intelligent garment cutting machine can fundamentally solve the problem of invisible loss of fabrics and the disadvantages of low efficiency in the process of garment cutting. In the first step, the calculation of typesetting and cutting machine scheme, and the calculation of reasonable cutting machine scheme of garment Intelligent NC cutting machine according to the length of cutting machine, product process requirements, order quantity and other comprehensive factors. In just a few minutes, it has solved the problems in the industry, In the second step, combined with the application of intelligent typesetting, the cloth laying operation is carried out according to the cutting bed scheme. Through the function of software cloth laying classification, the number of odd cloth is effectively reduced and the ultimate utilization rate of each fabric is improved.


  Automatic intelligent garment cutting machine, vacuum adsorption and crawler transfer worktable, so that the collection and feeding of materials are convenient and fast. The cutting fabrics include all kinds of plush fabrics, non-woven fabrics, cotton and linen, chemical fiber and other materials. It can cooperate with camera positioning to make samples quickly. It not only realizes green processing, but also achieves the purpose of saving materials! Success is one step faster!

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