Air filter cotton cutting machine

Industry perspective

  Air filter cotton is mainly used to filter dust particles in the air. Air filter cotton is divided into: non-woven fabric, synthetic fiber filter cotton, glass fiber filter cotton, activated carbon filter cotton, synthetic fiber high temperature filter cotton, etc. It is a commonly used new type of environmentally friendly material. With the increasing market demand, more and more merchants have begun to engage in cutting in this industry. Some time ago, we received a number of merchants to inquire whether our cutting equipment can cut their materials. Next, we will introduce in detail how our cutting machine equipment cuts the air filter cotton and what advantages it has!

Air filter cotton cutting machine

  AOL air filter cotton cutting machine can cut materials of any pattern and size without making a knife die, saving time and effort. Its working principle is mainly to use computer graphics, through internal data processing, and then transmit it to the machine control card, the control card then sends command pulse signals to the servo drive, the drive drives the servo motor to move to achieve the movement of the machine, and at the same time sends signals to the cutting machine. Knives, which perform cutting action on raw materials. For thicker materials, professional equipment can be customized. At present, the cutting thickness of our equipment can reach about 5-10 cm, and the specific analysis should be carried out according to the hardness of the material. The equipment has high cutting precision and high speed, and is the preferred equipment to replace manual and traditional processing methods!

  The air filter cotton cutting machine can not only cut filter cotton, but also cut flexible materials in other industries, such as single-layer or multi-layer leather, rubber, plastic, cloth, sponge, nylon, artificial leather, PVC board, non-woven materials. The equipment can also be equipped with a variety of knives, such as round knives, vibrating knives, pneumatic knives, milling knives, half cuts, bevel cuts, etc., suitable for cutting a variety of materials.

  The original electrical parts of the whole machine are imported, and the top configuration in the industry is matched with 4MM thick felt imported from the Netherlands. It is equipped with a high-precision honeycomb aluminum plate table, which has high strength, strong stability and no deformation. The vacuum adsorption is strong, which can firmly fix the material on the table, realize stable cutting, and improve the forming accuracy of the product.

Applicable industries

  Air filter cotton cutting machine adopts touch electronic screen, bid farewell to cumbersome and difficult computer menu, intuitive operation, easy to learn, convenient and fast. Its powerful functions, simple operation, no need for molds, and environmental protection are deeply loved by merchants. What are you waiting for?

Advantages of air filter cotton cutting machine:

1. Infrared induction system, 360° surround safety to ensure operator safety.

2. Perfect camera positioning system, support ● or ten marks, etc., improve work efficiency.

3. The sturdy aluminum honeycomb platform has good suction effect, ensuring that the platform is flat and not deformed after long-term use.

4. Flexible tool system, tool can be changed at any time.

5. Efficient anti-dry roll feeding system, complete feeding and cutting within 5 seconds; make the machine realize automatic continuous cutting.

6. Powerful CAD editing and design software, perfectly matched with multiple software; and supports barcode reading, avoiding the operator sending wrong cutting files and improving work efficiency.

7. The parameter setting system can adjust the best cutting parameters according to different materials to ensure the accuracy of each cutting.

8. The overall frame structure, designed by senior engineers in the industry, is simple, stable, and easy to install and carry.

9. Precise knife setting system, easy to operate, can accurately control the depth of the knife, and prolong the use time of the mat.

10. Scientific and concise wiring system and chassis circuit design, stable and safe; equipped with all tool interfaces to support subsequent upgrades; easy to install and maintain.

Product advantages

  Because of its cutting advantages, it can better meet our cutting needs, thereby reducing cutting costs and increasing market competitiveness. Now it has become the choice of filter cotton manufacturers to replace manual cutting.

  If you have anything else you want to know about the air filter cotton cutting machine or consult the price, please contact us, we will answer you within 24 hours, you can also learn about our cutting equipment in the following ways, just click the link Enter!


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