How to compare the after-sales service strength of digital cutting machine?


  Someone wants to buy digital cutting machines from China, but because of the covid-19, the Chinese technicians cannot go for installing and training, so how to ensure that your machine can work well? How to ensure your technician can operate the machine exactly? How to ensure your materials can be cut accurately?

  Based on the above problems, i advise you to compare the after-sales service strength with all Chinese manufacturers, now let me list the details of AOL after-sales service strength.

digital cutting machine

1. AOL after-sales service team has more than 20 engineers.

2. There are 3 engineers at least to serve one agent/client, all of them can speak English.

3. We support full user manual, using video and photos.

4. We support remote assistance for helping you to install and use the software.

5. We support 24*7 online guide and service.

6.Our machine is with 3 years warranty, except the felt, cutting tool and knife blades, during this time, if there are any problem, we will change the new one for free by DHL, and for the cutting tool, we will repair for free within one year.

7. We promise to send out the replacing parts within 24 hours.

8. We will make service group for you, including AOL sales personnel, AOL engineers, AOL sales manager, AOL sales director and you (or your staffs), If you have any problems, we will response within 1 min.

9. AOL software free upgrade for life.

After sales team

  JINAN AOL CNC has more than 12 years experiences on digital cutting machine for advertising industry, packing industry, carpet industry, gasket industry, car mats industry, composite materials industry, clothing industry, bags and suitcases industry, shoes industry, leather industry and all flexible materials. We have great strength to support the best service for you.

  AOL, as the biggest manufacturer of North of China, hope all customers can buy the right machine .

  AOL intelligent blade cutting machine has high precision and high efficiency. Our professional after-sales service can provide automatic cutting solutions for various industries.

For more information, please consult:


Phone: +86-531-88620680

WhatsApp/We Chat: 0086-18560162709




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