What are the advantages of a leather cutting machine?

Industry perspective

  Leather cutting machine, also known as vibrating knife cutting machine, is a professional cutting equipment for leather goods, supports independent DIY plate making, no need for mold or cardboard, one-click import and cutting, very suitable for large, medium and small manufacturers to customize or mass produce leather goods. The leather cutting machine adopts computer plate making, typesetting and data cutting, which is convenient and fast. The equipment has automatic typesetting software, which can realize automatic material-saving typesetting and cutting. It has automatic feeding, automatic cutting, automatic punching, and automatic cutting system to realize one-time cutting.

  The leather cutting machine is suitable for single-layer cutting of leather, multi-layer cutting of leather, suitable for various special-shaped cutting, which can save the cost of mold, pattern, labor, etc., and multi-layer cutting can be efficient and material-saving. At present, the leather cutting machine has been maturely applied to various Large factories are used to process leather shoes, leather bags, leather clothing and other industries, and many manufacturers are also increasing equipment.

leather material

  The leather cutting machine has the advantage of saving time, mainly because the automatic cutting does not require a mold, which saves a lot of time in making the knife mold.

  Save labor costs, only one person is required to operate the typesetting, and two machines can be operated at the same time, and one machine can save at least 4-6 workers.

  The equipment has a system to intelligently optimize typesetting and cutting, providing better cutting and filling paths, saving more than 30% of materials.

  The machine can distinguish grades according to leather materials, support partition classification, directional nesting and cutting, and support multiple nesting rules.

Leather cutting process

Functional advantages of leather cutting machine:

1. It integrates the functions of multi-layer high-efficiency cutting, intelligent automatic typesetting, automatic transmission, and continuous operation, which can meet the needs of shoe industry, luggage industry, automobile mat industry, furniture industry, etc. cutting needs of the industry.

2. Using imported accessories, the cutting precision is higher and the stability is stronger.

3. It has an automatic typesetting and cutting system independently developed by a professional team to maximize the automatic typesetting and cutting needs of PU and efficiently improve the utilization rate of leather materials.

4. Highly integrated multi-functional machine head, which can complete cutting, punching, drawing and marking processes at the same time.

  The times are developing, and the progress of intelligent equipment is inevitable. In the era of personalized customization, the old-fashioned punching machine and labor will be eliminated, so the leather cutting machine will become the mainstream in the future.

leather cutting machine

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